We all know how this story goes.

In the suburbs of New York, a young boy discovers that he’s more than just a boy—he’s the chosen one, the reincarnation of the Norse god Baldr, and the key to ending a war between the gods and the end of the world.

But this isn’t his story.

For Julia Hansen-Williams, the end of the world is the least of her troubles. All she wants to do is to keep her stepbrother safe. Finding herself in the middle of a reality in which all myths are true, she’ll do anything to restore normalcy for her family.

Fate has decreed how this story ends.

But some creatures are determined to break free from the legends that bind them, no matter the cost. Friends become enemies. Enemies form tenuous alliances. Nothing is set in stone, or so it seems.

You can’t fight fate.

However, when the threads of fate weave the end of the world, you can’t help but die trying.



Mythbound’s been a project in the making since the summer of 2013. I started planning out the comic in highschool, after an attempt to revisit a childhood story of mine got out of hand.

Originally, I had planned for a story about a girl who’s a reincarnation of someone crucial to the end of the world, and that she must go through a perilous journey involving gods and characters from various mythologies. Over the course of several weeks I toyed with that idea, but it wasn’t quite working. I knew I wanted to try and play with the genre conventions of the Hero’s Journey archetype, but not how. That is, until I decided to switch the focus of the story: What if the Chosen One wasn’t the main character, but someone very close to them? And what if that someone wanted to stop them from fulfilling their destiny, in order to protect them? Thus the characters of Julia and Adrian were born, and the rest seemed to fall into place.

It took a lot of pre-production work throughout highschool, but I eventually started posting the comic in September 2015. The comic ran very erratically for around two years.

In November 2017, I made the decision to reboot the comic, because I felt very unhappy with the uneven quality and the constant schedule delays.

The rebooted, and hopefully final version, is due to be released on February 1st, 2018.



My name is Sima K. Buchbinder, otherwise known as Simzi, and I make this comic.

I’m an amateur artist and aspiring engineer, and have been creating stories for as long as I can remember.

I first got into comics by reading assorted webcomics during middle school, though most my inspiration for this project is from print comics, especially the late-80s to early 2000s Vertigo fare. I've been writing since I was around ten, mainly terrible YA-inspired stories that were never finished. In addition to my comics, I hope to finish a novel someday, and am currently bouncing around ideas for a high fantasy story. My main inspirations as a storyteller are Neil Gaiman and Diana Wynne-Jones.

I enjoy using a variety of tools for my art, though for this comic I’m sticking to digital, using Clip Studio Paint.